Have there been Startup Weekend success stories? #SWSTJ


I’ve recently been asked a number of questions related to the success that can be found from participating over the weekend.

For me: the answer is easy. It was life changing. Chris Gardner and I attended Startup Weekend Montreal this summer and it encouraged us to bring the event to St. John’s for us all to experience it together.

Some facts:

Out of hundreds of SW events, 35% of teams stay together after the event to keep building.  Ultimately, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places don’t matter. Execution is what separates the great ideas from the great teams.

To get your mental juices flowing, here’s a quick list of a few teams that have gone from building at Startup Weekend, to actually seeing success in the marketplace:

Rover – Startup Weekend Seattle, 2011 Raises 7M in Series B funding

Zapier – Startup Weekend Columbia, MO, 2011 The Zapier Story

DivShot – Startup Weekend Kansas City, 2012, Recently raised 1.1M seed round

Truckily – Startup Weekend Kansas City, 2012, Accepted into The ARK Challenge 2012

CloudMine – Startup Weekend Philly, 2011, The CloudMine Story

LaunchRock – Startup Weekend Philly, 2011, Launchrock lands on TechCrunch 3 days after SW

RecBob – Startup Weekend Iowa City, 2011, Just accepted into Nike’s Accelerator

FindMyTrain – Startup Weekend Phoenix, 2012, Post-SW success in Phoenix


Disclaimer: Instead of writing a brand new blog post I found a similar post and copied their content because they said it better than I possibly could. I simply updated some of the post to be my experience.

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