Are there prizes, what can I win? #SWSTJ


Startup Weekend is a competition with real judges selecting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning teams and it would not be a competition without prizes, real prizes. We are still working with sponsors to create awesome prize packs so we don’t have all the details just yet but we can share what we hope these prize packs will look like. The key word being “hope”. We’re relying on the kindness of our sponsors to make these the most awesome prize packs and as soon as we have details we’ll update further. Please check back often for updates.

All Teams/Participants

There will be benefits for every team and every participant regardless if they win or not. During the event there will be Coaches and Mentors on site to offer feedback to the teams and participants. They are there to help you with your Startup Weekend idea so book their time and meet with them. Each team will receive immediate acceptance into the BizSpark program and have access to a Technical Evangelist for mentorship and assistance in getting their app published to the cloud using the provide free Azure credits. Each partcipant will receive a Free .co domain name.

1st Place Prize Pack

This 1st place prize pack will be the most awesome of course. These are some of the items we envision will be included in the this prize pack.  There will be a membership to co-working space for the team founder (the one that came up with the idea). It will also include a team meeting with a high profile mentor/investor as well as other awesome mentorship opportunities. The winning team can also look forward to free legal, accounting, and marketing assistance, free tickets to awesome events, and other items that we have not yet sorted out.

2nd Place Prize Pack

The 2nd place prize pack will not be as awesome as the 1st place prize pack but it will still be a sweet prize for the winning team. We envision it will include a subset of the items from the 1st place prize pack.

3rd Place Prize Pack

The 3rd place prize pack will not be nearly as awesome as the 1st or 2nd place prize pack but it will still be worth giving it your all for. We envision it will be a limited subset of the items from the 1st and 2nd place prize packs.

There are only 60 tickets being sold for this event so, if you are competitive, your odds of being on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winning team are really good.

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